Testimonials for Roy Worley Voiceover
"We came to Roy when we needed a VO talent for multiple Pizza Hut promotions and Roy transitioned seamlessly into our process. He gave us the quality voice we needed, with a response time that complimented our quick turnarounds."
-Joe Schaerti

"We have been hiring Roy since 2012, and his instincts for tone and inflections is always above and beyond what our expectations are. His turn around times are fast and he is always fast to return emails."
-Matt Coleman

"Roy Worley is a consummate professional who continuously provides our organization with a quality product that is always punctual, expertly performed and exactly what we ask for."
-Carmen Treffiletti, Creative Producer
Opsis Studios

"Roy is a true professional. Great voice and turn time. And, our clients love the results. It’s not easy to find the right voice. With Roy, we have found a voice that fits many project types. He is able to deliver a diverse range of styles. Most importantly, our clients love the results."
-Matthew Summers
Provis Media Group
A Word from Roy
Story telling isn’t a skill set I ordered from Amazon. It is something I grew up around and absorbed like a sponge. As a kid I would listen to my grandfather, my dad, shoot, my whole family spin yarns about their lives and experiences. Every story was seasoned with new embellishments and slathered in humor. Eventually, I started telling my own stories and it just came naturally. For thirty five years I told the best story ever as a pastor and missionary and always found opportunities to shine additional light on the messages with life experiences and illustrations.

So, when I decided to start telling other's stories as a voice talent I found that quite a few people liked my voice and asked me to narrate their commercials, audiobooks, children’s stories (over 100), web videos, on hold messages...well, you get the idea.

It has been a privilege to be trusted with these jobs from clients all around the world. It would be a privilege to voice yours as well. The mic is on and I’m ready to roll.
Roy headshot

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